J Dustin Tracy

PhD Candidate


Job Market Paper

The Cost of Free Lunch: Banning Pharma from Providing Off-Site Meals to Doctors (draft). PDF

Published Papers

Separating Bed Rest from Wake Using Wrist or Waist-Worn Accelerometers in Youth. PloS One, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092512, April 2014. (with Z Xu, L Choi, S Acra, KY Chen, and MS Buchowski)

A Novel Approach to Characterize Physical Activity Patterns in Preschool-Aged Children. Obesity (Nature Publishing Group), 21(11), November 2013, pp. 2197 - 2203. (with RM Ruiz, EC Sommer, and SL Barkin)

Working Papers

Identifying bedrest using 24-h waist or wrist accelerometry in adults. (with Sari Acra, Kong Y. Chen & Maciej S. Buchowski) under review

Physical activity pattern distribution in a large sample of preschool-aged children. (with Rachel M. Ruiz, Evan C. Sommer & Shari L. Barkin) under review

Work in Progress

When the Novelty Wears out: The Impact of Revealing the Intent to Nudge on Real Effort.

Utilizing Behavioral Appeals to Make Payments for Environmental Services More Effective. (with Paul J. Ferraro)

Testing the Effectiveness of Ways to Frame an Appeal. (with Paul J. Ferraro)

Playing it Safe: the Impact of Improved Bicycle Infrastructure in Atlanta. (with Emeline Renz)

Spillovers of Behavioral Policy Intervention. (with Anomitro Chatterjee \& Florian Rundhammer)

Just Like a Lady: Does Gender Expression Contribute to our Success (or Failure) in Negotiations? (with Amanda Cook)

Eat Your Words: a Laboratory Experiment with Consumer Review and Realized Restaurant Choices. (with Florian Rundhammer)

A Dream Deferred: Forfeiting Opportunity to Maintain Group Identity.